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Santorini STF by Sandro Hit

Santorini STF trained and ridden by Shirin Amier

StoryTeller Farms | Our goal is to produce and train every horse with a caring and consistent approach and to help develop a willing partnership between horse and rider for recreation as well as competition in any arena.

Training Programs – All training programs include lessons and/or rides. *Board is paid directly to the facility and is not included in prices below.*

Full Training | with Services- $975/Month
Current Special – $875/Month for first 3 months!!  Sign Up Today

Includes turnout 5 days/week, up to 3 lessons/week,  and 2/3 training days/week, full grooming, blanketing, turnout and feeding of supplements (provided by owner).

Partial Training | with Services – $675/Month
Includes up to 3 lessons/rides per week plus 2-3 days/ week turnout, minimal grooming, blanketing, feeding of supplements (provided by owner).

Basic Training – $500/Month
For those on a budget or only staying for a short time, we offer a smaller training package of 2 days/week riding/lessons plus 2 days/week of turnout OR a package of 3 lessons/week.  (Daily feeding of supplements and blanketing extra).

Owner is responsible for all farrier, vet, show costs and specialty feed supplements (i.e. grain/powdered or pelleted supplements, etc) – billed at end of the month if applicable.  Full body clip is additional cost – minimal show clip (face clip, bridle path, legs) is included in price for full training programs.

Lessons – 60 min Individual Lesson – $65 | 30 min Half Lesson – $50
Lessons packages are also available at a discounted monthly rate.  Inquire for package rates.
Trailer-ins welcome.  (Trailer in fee for facility may apply).

Grooming|Services|Basic Training Packages
We offer several basic grooming/turnout or training packages for our clients.  Please contact us for a price quote based on the services that you require.

Transport  – Quotes upon request.
All fees based upon mileage and location.  Private and Commercial haulers are used.  Please contact us for prices.

Clinics | Show Fees 

Clinics – $650/day (In addition to expenses and travel costs)
A maximum of 12 lessons/day unless previous or special arrangements are made for private, semi-private or groups.

Show Fees – $75/day (In addition to expenses) Day Fee of $75 per horse show day is for warm ups/rides.  Additional expenses for daily care, travel, stabling, braiding, hauling, etc.  Price estimates available.  Certain fees are calculated after the show and divided between clients/horses.


The commission paid to StoryTeller Farms, LLC on a Sale, Purchase, or Lease is 10-15%

For Your convenience, we accept major credit cards for any of our Training or Lesson Programs and  Services.

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